Ready to relax and unwind after a long week? Don’t let hot summer days keep you hiding inside. Adding the right landscape lighting can transform your backyard into a mini retreat.

Here are three things to consider when choosing outdoor lighting.

1. Consider the effect you wish to create when placing light fixtures.

When considering what effect you wish to create, choose the lamp first, not the fixture. Higher voltages of light can leave a glare. Bright spotlights shining in your eyes isn’t inviting or relaxing.

Do you need something functional or are you looking for a little romance? You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Walkways are the entrance to an exotic place or an elegant, urban patio. You can create any look and feel with path lighting.

2. Create places to ‘walk by’ and to ‘talk by’.

Think of your yard as different rooms in your home.Strategically create focal points for places to ‘talk by’ and pathways to ‘walk by’. No backyard? A well lit spotlight turns a potted tree into a dramatic focal point.

*Tip* Think of outdoor traffic patterns when creating hardscape design plans. High traffic areas might not be the best place for an outside fire pit.

3. Use different layers of light for a dramatic effect.

Placing lighting high in trees creates a moonlighting effect that looks natural and draws the eye upward to some of Mother Nature’s natural beauty. A combination of down lighting and shadow lighting can create dramatic effects and turn even an ordinary wall or fence into a work of art.

Still stuck on how to transform your backyard living space into a backyard retreat? Listen to our segment with Rosie On The House where Bill shares tips on finding soft, artistic, natural lighting for your backyard oasis.

A good designer can blend the wish list with the budget and create a workable solution. Contact us for a no obligation consultation with one of our Design Specialists.