Complimentary Design Consultation

It all starts with meeting with one of our designers where you can ask a lot of questions. We would like to get to know you, your desires and your concerns. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your needs and wants when it comes to whatever type of landscape project you have for us.

Once we understand your unique project, we will offer some ideas to show you our creative expertise in landscape design. It’s just a casual conversation to make sure you feel at ease with your designer. At this point, it is up to you to decide if you would like to continue the conversation based on our ideas and what we have to offer.

Budget Discussions

After we have a good understanding of the scope of the project and you are comfortable with our ideas and our style, the next step would be to have a general budget discussion. Most of the time we can do this during our consultation based on the experience we have with many different kinds of projects of every size and scope. 

If at this point both you and your designer agree that we can work with your budget and give you the project that fulfills your expectations, the next step for a simple project would be for us to work up an exact cost during our visit and give you the opportunity to review and make a decision immediately. 

However, if the project is complex we may choose to ask for more time to develop solutions and accurate costs. We will set up a second meeting with all decision makers present where we ask you to be prepared to review the project and decide if you wish to continue the process of working with us.

Design Studio & 3D Rendering

When we have worked out the major design concepts, have had a realistic budget discussion and have moved beyond the general scope and cost of the project, it is time to move into a working relationship. Once you’ve decided that we are your designer and contractor, we will create and show you a color 3D rendering if both parties feel it would be helpful. This rendering helps to work out any fine details and shows you what your project will look like when it is finished and mature. We can show you a remarkably realistic rendering where you can see your space from any angle, look out a window at the landscape, walk through it and even see the effect of lighting when the sun goes down. This 3D rendering will allow you to visualize your space and ensure that your project will fulfill your wishes.

The final step is to put everything we have discussed in writing with a contract and proposal. These will have all the relevant details spelled out and presented for your signature. At the time you sign the contract, we will provide you with a schedule for your project with a proposed start date and completion details. Our goal is to communicate clearly the details of the whole process and make you comfortable working with us. Our hallmark is one-on-one communication and a commitment to getting the details right the first time. You will be working with one designer that will keep in close communication with you and be only a cell phone call away, if you need anything. We love what we do and care very much about our client’s satisfaction with us, our process, and the project we produce.

Have a Project For Us?

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