Custom Landscape Remodels & Design is Our Business in Scottsdale!

We love to bring out the best in our customer’s property with a landscape design built on beauty, opulence, and customer satisfaction. If you’re dreaming of a new landscape design for your Scottsdale property, the team at Think Green is here to help. We are the design team you’ve been searching for to make the perfect outdoor space your reality. With your visionary input and our expertise, together we will create a landscape design that induces the best feelings: appreciation, serenity, and happiness.

We start with a consultation where our in-house designers will discuss your wants and determine how to make your imagination become the perfect outdoor area to compliment your inner space, thus creating one flowing essence that moves freely from the outside to the inside. There are no limits to your imagination, and we have the landscaping resources to make your outdated or unsightly landscaping into something astounding. Read on to learn about some ways we create the landscape of your dreams — beyond the foliage.

Outdoor Kitchens

The weather in Scottsdale is amazing. You can be outside any time of year to enjoy your new landscape design, especially if you add an outdoor kitchen. Think of your landscape design as your backdrop while you’re enjoying it from your new, outdoor kitchen. This addition makes for a truly entertaining space from season to season. Contact Think Green today to make this a reality.

Patios, Pavers & Walkways

Your Scottsdale landscape design will most likely include some hardscaping. We will help you create a beautiful patio and walkways that are just right for your property. Together we will design beautiful walkways that guide you and visitors around your property and which lead anywhere you want — to a beautifully landscaped garden or paved patio. The possibilities are endless, and we will find and match the best ones to your property.

Water & Fire Features

You can’t go wrong with these two elements. A water or fire feature is an attention-grabber that will really make your outdoor landscape space pop. At Think Green, we will help you add these features to give your property a feeling of calm and a little intrigue at the same time. Think fire pits, pool fountains, and a combination of both elements in one. Whatever you can imagine, we can create!

Stacked Stone, Masonry & Retaining Walls

Adding masonry work or stonework to your outdoor space will really add ambience to the property. Retaining walls and stone benches add function and beauty to the landscape design. At Think Green, we can help you incorporate these sturdy, eye-pleasing structures on your property.

Landscape Lighting

Whether you’re entertaining or relaxing with a good book in your outdoor space, the right lighting will provide a comforting, warm, and relaxing environment for you and your guests. We use hidden controlled light sources that flow with the indoor lighting for a smooth and easy transition. Outdoor lighting also makes it safe to move around your outdoor space at night and prevent break-ins. Using the right lighting adds luster to your pool and/or fountain. We offer energy efficient lighting that includes LED lighting, motion sensors, and timers.

Custom Shade Structures

In the desert shade is a premium, on a sunny day, shade can be the difference between enjoying yourself, or enduring an experience. The right shade structure, perhaps a Pergola or a Ramada can develop a living space that draws people to the space to relax or socialize. A structure can give a yard the scale an area needs, or define an area in a way that other landscape elements just don’t. Please share your desire for a place to entertain, or just relax, with your designer. Your designer probably already talked about using a shade structure as they understood how you want to use your yard, they can offer ideas and design a solution to your wants and needs for how you want to live in your yard.

Pools & Spas

If you would like to enjoy swimming or just relaxing in a spa in your yard, we can help.  We can design a new pool to fit into your new or existing yard, working with the elements around it to create a special place for you to enjoy a cool swim or a relaxing spa experience.  If you already have a pool or spa, is your pool showing its age?  Would you like to redo the decking around the pool, or does the interior need to be redone?  Perhaps it is time to consider adding a spa to your existing pool or perhaps a waterfall.  Our creative designers can show you how we can redo your pool to create a new pool experience with what you have.

Landscape Plants & Trees

Do have a landscape that just seems to be missing something?  Do your yard have plants with a lack of color, no real points of interest or proper scale with fences, walls and structures?  Maybe your patio, walkway or paver sitting area has started to settle over the years?  Do you have trees that were small when planted but are now sending roots out that are heaving patios, walkways and curbing?

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