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Pergolas, Ramadas, Gazebos, and Awnings

While winters in the Arizona desert are comfortable, the summers get incredibly hot. To stay cool in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, you need relaxing shade structures around your property. Think Green will work with you to design and build the ideal shade structure, as well as many other custom landscape structures, to accommodate every customer’s needs. Some favorite shade structures include pergolas, lattice covers, ramadas and Gazebos.

After a hard day in the office, spend your free time relaxing comfortably in your backyard oasis. Same goes for the weekends. Combine our shade structures with lush vegetation (trees make great shade!) and water features, to actually change your backyard environment from a hot, arid desert to a cool and relaxing place to spend time outdoors during any season.

Another popular shading option is an awning-style shade structure, as they can serve multiple functions. Not only will they help increase your comfortable outdoor space during the hottest months, but they can help keep the sun off of windows and glass doors, which in turn keeps the temperature inside your house cooler. A cooler home means your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard, making your utility bill decrease! Another benefit of shade structures is keeping the sun off your furniture, which can easily fade from the scorching Arizona sun constantly beating down during the summer months.

Beat the Arizona Heat with a Custom Shade Structure for your Yard

The purpose of using shade structures is to complete your backyard paradise so you’ll be able to enjoy it more often. We suggest adding other features, as well, to really make your space functional. Adding an outdoor kitchen and some well-placed landscape lighting can really boost your backyard’s functionality for relaxing and entertaining day or night!

To create the perfect space for you, our landscape designer will come out to your property for a consultation. We’ll discuss your goals and ideas and offer our suggestions to create the perfect design. In fact, we consider ourselves co-creators with you to bring your own personality to the space. We use only the best, high quality materials for our shade structures in Arizona, and we seamlessly incorporate them into your already existing backyard decor.

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