If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve probably taken a look at your yard and wished you could do more with it. Beyond doing a little landscaping and adding some plants for subtle effect, you can completely transform your space with a patio. Whether you use it to add some nice outdoor seating space, put in a grill or even serve as the foundation for a hot tub, a patio can instantly expand your outdoor space’s potential and give you additional activities year round.

Now, putting in a patio can take time, but it is a worthwhile investment. Here are some additional reasons why you should have your patio installed this summer:

Make Your Outdoor Space More Accessible

A lot of people don’t utilize the outdoor space they have because, sadly, they are just not that comfortable in it. However, adding a patio will make you actually want to spend time outside, and it’ll increase the amount of activities you can do out there. Furthermore, you’ll appreciate the minimal amount of cleanup compared to the mess often created with indoor activities.

Furthermore, if you have older family members or those with disabilities, a patio can also be a great way of making your outdoor space accessible to everyone. Now you can all spend time outside together without anyone having to watch from inside.

Expand Your Entertainment Space

Whenever the weather is nice, you and your guests will actually want to spend time outdoors. Consider either permanent outdoor furniture or temporary seating that can be stowed away as needed. If you grill often, you may also want to designate a spot for a permanent grill or outdoor oven setup. Likewise, if you want a spot for a hot tub, think about the kind of scenery you want while you are using it. You might want to set your hot tub at a key vantage point overlooking your yard’s more pleasing features (or since you’re adding in a patio, now’s a good time for a re-designed landscape!)

Enhance Your Home’s Design

Do you take pride in the way your home looks? Patios are not “one size fits all”, so take the time to think about what kind of design best expresses your personal living style. Do you want a large, wide space for gatherings and barbecues, or would you like a curved patio with different sections and cozy seating spaces?

Many people also select patio designs that correspond with their indoor space, allowing their aesthetic to seamlessly flow from indoors to outside. Consider working plants and artistic features into your patio design to add dimension and more expression.

Increase Your Property Value

Your home’s value is more affected by your surrounding outdoor space than you may realize. Putting in a patio can not only instantly enhance your property aesthetic, but it can also add significant value to your home. Prospective buyers in the future will be drawn to the fact that you have a patio, and you’ll be able to get a lot more return on your investment.

Ready to get started? We encourage everyone interested in a patio to consult with us about their design and space options. We’re ready to help you get the perfect patio to suit your lifestyle and outdoor needs!

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