Top 3 questions to ask yourself before designing your backyard.

It’s exciting to plan new landscaping ideas, but jumping into it without a well thought out plan can cause big mistakes that may become disappointments in the future. By approaching your landscape plans with clear ideas of your needs and professional assistance, you can ensure your landscape will serve your needs for a long time to come.

1. What purpose will your new landscape fulfill?

Planning the basic structure of your landscape is as simple as identifying your needs, your hobbies and the purposes for which it will be used.

 Here are a few questions to ask before you get started:

• How do you see yourself using your new yard?
• Do you plan to use it for entertaining or primarily as a playground for your children?
• Do you have a dog or other animals?
• Are there sports you’d like to play on your property?
• Do you like to garden?

Depending on the size of your property and your budget, it’s possible to create spaces for several different purposes. If your space is small, you may need to prioritize your needs for maximum efficiency. You also will want to take the layout of the property into consideration; if it is important to you to grow fresh vegetables each year, you’ll want to designate the sunniest part of your property for that purpose.

frenchCreative ideas like a putting green or splash pool are fun ideas to add to your property and may even add value to your home. But while a putting green may seem as simple as carving out a patch of lawn, the infrastructure and ongoing maintenance of a high-quality putting green will require expertise, time and money. These are questions your designer can answer with professional knowledge, skill and experience.

2. Dream Big: Scale Down

To ensure all your landscaping needs are met, put all of your big dreams on paper with no regard to budget or space. Make a grandiose list of everything you’d like to have, then work with a designer to prioritize and pare down into achievable goals. The idea here is to be honest with yourself about all your wants for your new yard.

Don’t forget to include essential items such as lighting and irrigation systems.
A good landscape designer can help you identify practical needs while balancing your dreams. A designer will also help you identify hidden costs such as ongoing maintenance you may not have considered. It’s good to know from the beginning if you plan to hire maintenance services for your landscape.

At this point, you can decide on a target budget and start determining what items on your list will be incorporated into your landscape. You’ll also want to consider what some of the accessories for your landscape will cost, such as the fancy new barbecue grill for your outdoor kitchen or the safety fencing for your swimming pool.

3. A Trusted Landscape Designer

Working with a professional landscape designer can make all the difference in making good choices for your landscape and enjoying an excellent outcome. Take the time to speak with each designer you are considering. View their portfolio and speak to references.

You don’t necessarily need to love every project the designer has completed in the past, but it is important your taste and style is well communicated with your designer. If possible, ask for references that will allow you to see the designers work in person. The key is to find a designer you are comfortable with, that you can talk to, and that listens.

A landscape that matures gracefully without major adjustments is a sign of a designer who possesses the skills to look at the big picture when designing a landscape; creating a space that naturally meshes with the home and surrounding area.

A Beautiful End Result

The ultimate goal is to create an outdoor living space to enjoy moments with friends and family or maybe some peace and quiet by yourself.

If you are considering a new landscape, contact us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation with one of our highly skilled designers. The work you do in the beginning will be well worth the time and effort when planning the landscape of your dreams.

Bill Jenkins Bill Jenkins  is a second-generation landscape contractor with a passion for providing quality products and service to the valley for over 30 years. He enjoys gardening and growing roses, his grandfather was a champion rose grower and shared his love of roses with him when he was young. His father set an example for him to use only the best quality products and to give clients exceptional service.