Do you have a pool? For many in Arizona the answer to this question is yes. We have one of the most beautiful climates for the majority of the year and we love to use our “outdoor rooms.” Sometimes pools are installed as an afterthought and the surrounding landscape pays the toll. Having a knowledgeable designer change the areas can be key to creating an outdoor oasis to fit your lifestyle.

Here are a few elements to consider when installing or working with a designer to renovate a pool area.

  • Decking, this can be renovated or replaced.
  • Artificial or real grass can create a functional “green” space.
  • Landscaping, choosing the right plants for the space.


Decking is where you can have some fun with colors and textures to suite your tastes. Many pools are installed with cool decking or acrylic lace decking; this is a textured product which is available in several colors. There is some maintenance required, and resurfacing after a number of years.

If you have had cool decking, you may want to seek an alternative. You can do anything from concrete pavers to artistic pavers, travertine pavers or flagstone. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons for example concrete pavers are hot and can easily stain with our hard water, travertine is cooler but can be slippery when wet depending on the style and flagstone is a natural stone which spalls and chips overtime as well as absorbs stains. To get the full list of information and to design a plan for you, talking to a designer who is knowledgeable about hardscapes is advisable.


Many of our Valley residents have moved here from states where they are used to seeing lush green lawns and beautiful flowering shrubs. Both of which can be incorporated here, the use of artificial turf has become a popular option to achieve this lush aesthetic while adhering to water conservation.

Since artificial turf can be used in narrow spaces, around hard-scapes to create extended sitting areas when hosting parties and requires very little maintenance it has become a go to for around pools. Be sure to contact a designer for a full list of pros and cons in choosing the right turf for you.


The most important element of the landscape is what we call “softscapes.” This can include trees, plants, groundcovers and decomposed granite.  Choosing the right plant material relies heavily on the type of exposure, space, nearby patios or pools, and the look you are trying to achieve. With each plant there are many things to consider root expansion are they invasive? Is the plant poisonous to humans or dogs? How does it reproduce? Will it freeze? Is there a lot of litter? There are so many variables to take into consideration this is best done by talking one on one with a designer.

Water Features 

Incorporating decorative water features will add to the overall aesthetics of your pool. Anything from natural waterfalls to contemporary scuppers can enhance the overall ambiance of your yard. These can be installed after the pool has been built but it is important to ensure proper water flow, stability around the existing pool and a seamless design to make sure it doesn’t look like an afterthought.

Creating a landscape can be difficult to conceptualize on your own, that’s why we use 3D Design software to help you visualize your dream in action. See some of our pools and projects here.


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Bill Jenkins Bill Jenkins  is a second-generation landscape contractor with a passion for providing quality products and service to the valley          for over 30 years. He enjoys gardening and growing roses, his grandfather was a champion rose grower and shared his love of          roses with him when he was young. His father set an example for him to use only the   best quality products and to give clients            exceptional service.