When people think of landscaping, most people focus on how they can enjoy the landscaping while they are living in the house. However, it is also essential to consider improving your landscaping when it is time to put your home on the market. When it comes to potential buyers, any real estate agent will tell you; first impressions are critical. By making some small essential upgrades to your landscaping, you will attract more buyers to come and see your home.

Install lighting

While most of your showings will take place during the day, outdoor lighting is a great way to illuminate the home and make it look elegant at night when potential buyers might drive by the house. Also, if there are certain areas of the home that you would like to highlight, lights are a great way of doing so. We recommend using solar lights, which are easy for you to maintain.

Put down fresh mulch

A new layer of fresh mulch placed helps improve the look of the home to potential buyers. Not only does fresh mulch help cut down on weed growth that can be unsightly, but it has a pleasant smell, which will also help improve the buyers viewing experience.

Cut back the trees and shrubs

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is having overgrown trees and shrubs which block the home from potential buyers. It is vital to have the trees and shrubs cut back so that potential buyers can see the house. Cutting back trees from windows will also improve the natural light in the home, which is often a key characteristic potential buyers are looking for.

Make sure the lawn is green

Buyers need to know that the sellers have cared for the house, and having a healthy green lawn is one way to reinforce that concept. Hiring a professional to help improve the look of the lawn is the quickest way to ensure your yard is looking great when you are ready to go on the market.

Window boxes

Window boxes are another great way to help boost the look of the exterior of the home. You can add colorful flowers to the window boxes to help your home stand out.

Potted plants

It is also critical to make sure the entryway is inviting to potential buyers. One way to achieve a welcoming doorway look is by placing symmetrical potted plants at the entrance. You may also want to consider painting your door a bright color.

Use plants to hide unsightly items

It is crucial to make sure the exterior of the home is clutter-free from items such as hoses and watering cans. However, some items around the house cannot be moved, such as the A/C condenser. Planting plants or shrubs in front of the A/C unit is a great way to block the unit from the buyers’ line of sight.

Pressure washing

Once the landscaping has been completed, and you are ready to put your house on the market, be sure to have all of your hardscaped areas pressure washed. A pressure washing will make all the new landscaping look fresh and clean.

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