Landscape edging has more benefits than just aesthetic appeal. Its purpose is to separate your beds from your lawn. By doing this, landscape edging keeps soil from spilling over and keeps your lawn from overrunning your beds. There are many types of landscape edging to choose from on the market, so we’ve put together a list of the most common types. Read on to learn which landscape edging is right for your backyard.

Landscape Edging Materials

Before edging the lines between your bed and lawn, consider the different materials you can choose from, including:

Plastic: This type of landscape edging is easy to install. However, it doesn’t have the same artistic overture or durability as edging made from other materials, such as stone or bamboo.

Stone: If formal or rustic is what you’re looking for to really make your backyard landscape design pop, then stone edging is a good choice. For a rustic look, choose fieldstone, and for a formal look, choose cut stone. You will also have to decide on color. Keep in mind the colors you already have in your backyard landscape design and pick an appealing contrast. If you have other stone structures in your backyard, be sure to match your stone edging with these.

Brick: Today, bricks are massed produced and you can find them at any home improvement store. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and more durable than plastic. Bricks come in a variety of colors and give your backyard design a formal look.

Steel: This material is superbly durable and will last longer than other types of edging. However, like plastic, steel simply doesn’t look as good as other materials. Steel is a good choice for larger properties that require a lot of edging.

Aluminum: Like steel, aluminum is also quite durable and can last for decades. It’s easy to install due to its flexibility, making it simple to create beautiful, curved edges. On the other hand, aluminum is also an excellent choice for busy backyards that need straight edging. All in all, you can get creative with aluminum edging for any backyard design.

Bamboo: Is your backyard a tropical, Asian style oasis? Is it full of fragrant, tropical flowers? If so, bamboo edging is the obvious choice. Bamboo edging also compliments many other types of landscape designs. It’s also eco-friendly, durable, and lightweight. You can choose between a flecked or natural color, as well as an even or staggered top layer.

Polypropylene: This type of decorative edging looks just like stone, but it’s make out of polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that is hard and heat-resistant. It’s also as durable and appealing as stone, and there’s no need to do any digging to install the interlocking pieces, making it much easier to install than actual stone edging.

When you consider your current backyard landscape design, your budget, and the durability of each material, it should be easy to decide on the edging you need to keep your backyard beds and lawn neat and clean.


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